ONLINE is the new NORMAL.

Take advantage of our FREE Online & Social Media Audit. This is our small act of kindness to our fellow entrepreneurs in this times of social distancing and stay-home orders. We are all here together, so we are here to help . . . while staying home.


We can help improve your Online business presence, even better than before

IMPROVE YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE, RIGHT NOW WHILE AT HOME. Online had taken over many of our essential activities, from grocery shopping, classroom education to medical check-ups. Is your online presence good enough to navigate this new normal of the digital business landscape? We can help improve your online presence! These are the new buzz words within the business community as a direct consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic: ONLINE IS THE NEW NORMAL | ONLINE PAYMENT | CONTACT-LESS INTERACTION | DELIVERY SERVICE (2-HOURS, LATEST WITHIN THE DAY).

1. Create a Website (For those who have none yet)

Website is back, after being side-stepped by social media. It is now the new normal, by taking over the role of a printed brochure.

2. Audit your Online Presence for Improvement

For those who have online presence already, an audit on the performance of your social media channels is in order.

3. Set-up a Social Media Channels

Start with Facebook and Google’s My Business. Yes, it should be a business account, and not the usual profile account.

4. Make an Online Payment Service

Online payment functionality of your website is one of the most important ecommerce tool. Your online presence is nothing without E-commerce.

5. Offer an Online delivery service

The contact-less business interaction within the business community will stay for sometime. Online delivery will serve those who opted to lessen their outdoor activity.

6. Learn how to leverage Live-stream as a store-front

Live-streaming your store front,showcasing your menu for the day, will surely entice consumers to dial your number to order.

7.Create a compelling Social Media Ad

Social Media [SM] ads include: photos, posters, flyers, video business profile, advertorials, to name a few.

8.Buy a Facebook and Google Ads

Paid Advertising is something many small business owners ignore. But it is must to expand a clientele base.

9. Setup an SEO, Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

These are auditing tools to that will show the Return of Investment (ROI) from your online presence.

10. Post Content to your Social Media Channels Regularly

Post a photo or video to your media channels at least one per day, but no more than three. Learn the best time to do those posting.



WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: We build a professional but affordable website

Printed tri-fold is now a thing of the past. Website is now the new brochure, as we fully embrace the digital era - and the new normal. Our website services include: domain name search and registration, web hosting set-up, WordPress installation, website theme configuration (brochure-type), among others. The domain name registration starts at $8.50 for one year. For more details, please text the number below.

Text for a Call Back | 818-396-7115

SEO: Does your business appear on Google Search Result?

Google receives 3.5 billion searches every day. Does your business appears on the top result of a Google search? If your business is buried several pages down on the Google list result, then you need an SEO service. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. For the discounted price of $75.00, we can setup your Google Business account. For additional info on Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, text the number below.

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SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT PRODUCER of 2-minute Video Company Profile

Since 2011, Ayuyang had been providing social media content for small and medium businesses, mostly located in California. We specialize on 2 to 5-minute video company profile, advertorial interviews and one-photo ad. A 2-minute company video profile starts at $175.00, a limited 50% discount. Content is the most important component of online presence. "Content is King," as Bill Gates often remind every one.

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Our Services in Action


PRODUCT PROMOTION VIDEO. This section is our portfolio, showing some of the social media marketing content that we produced for our ever-loyal friends and supporters. These marketing materials were used by our clients in their respective websites and social media channels.

A MUST TO BOUNCE BACK. These kinds of marketing materials generates valuable leads that turned into customers. We strongly recommend that businesses who have not done any promotional video of their services or products should do it now to strongly and effectively bounce back.